Sunday, March 11, 2012

Installing Draftsight -part 2

This is part 2 of the series installing Draftsight  I mentioned earlier that the draftsight application will be in your graphics menu, If for some reason that the application doesn't come in the menu after installation check whether it has been installed correctly  by going to synaptic package manager and type draftsight in the filter box it will show dassault-systemes-draftsight; right click and go to properties and it will show were the files are installed then it means the application is successfully installed.Now let's create a desktop file, open  your favorite text editor and add the following  entry
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Editing CAD images


and save it as draftsight.desktop when first launching the application it will ask whether to trust or not,just click  trust always and you will be having a working draftsight application in your desktop.
If you are using Xfce desktop environment right click on the desktop and goto create launcher and type application name it will show the application select it and click OK and that's it you will be having your desktop entry in seconds.