Sunday, December 27, 2015

Installing a custom Latex .cls

You had recently installed Latex from the repo  or from the upstream iso image. Now you want your own custom latex class file to be installed in your system. So how to install it? Just follow these instructions.

Create a directory called texmf in $HOME. Create  a  directory called  tex inside an another directory called  latex and then another directory with a name of your choice. So finally it should resemble something like this


* -- Directory name of your choice.

copy your .cls and the .tex files to that directory. Open the terminial and run

mktexlsr  $HOME/texmf

that's it you have installed your very own  Latex class file.

To check if the *.cls file is installed run  kpsewhich *.cls  in the terminal as a normal user it should return the location  of the *.cls file in the terminal.

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