Sunday, November 20, 2011

Manga Downloader in Debian Gnu/Linux

Download Domdomsoft manga downloader.
It is built for windows but can run in linux by using mono as it is a .NET app
Download and install mono from the Debian repository
open terminal and change the directory to were domdomsoft manga downloader is located and run
ben@debian:~/manga$mono domdomsoft.exe
you can run through wine
download winetricks from by running
make it executable
run winetricks
it has links to microsoft .netv2, v3 ,mono and other microsoft libraries download and install mono using winetricks
the config files of the manga downloader has to be in home folder
now run
wine /path/to/domdomsoft.exe


  1. could you explain the wine part more? i just installed wine (not winesticks) i installed domdom, but when i click the icon on desktop. nothing happens....i am ubuntu 12.10

    1. If you can't install through wine then install mono from the ubuntu repository and run the executable file with full permissions.Btw it is called wine tricks and not winesticks