Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nintendo NES Emulator in Debian

Remember the good old days when we play the Nintendo games  like Mario,Ninja Gaiden.,still interested to play the old Nintendo games and in Debian then there are two emulators we can use one is FCEUX and the other is mednafen. mednafen is available in the repo a simple apt-get will install mednafen in your computer.mednafen can be run by issuing the following command.
$mednafen  /poath/to/rom.nes
to make use of joystick install joystick from repo and run jscal to calibrate your joystick and can run your game but my favorite is the FCEUX and it has graphical interface called gfceux.
To install Fceux following dependency is to be satisfied
Pulse audio, scons, libsdl1.2-dev, libsdl1.2debian-esd, liblua5.1-dev, zlib1g-dev zenity.
run scons to build and scons install as root to install. To run Fceux
open terminal then run by
$fceux  /path/to/rom.nes
If you want a GUI then downlaod GFceux  and install by running
#python install
you can run GFceux Applications----->Games------>FCEUX NES Emulator
Happy Gaming :)

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